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All the fun and excitement of thoroughbred
ownership, at a fraction of the cost!

With no monthly expenses and no cash calls ever, you can experience all of the fun and excitement of thoroughbred racing as a horse owner. Your one-time payment will provide paddock access, seats in an owner’s box, as well as stable access on the backside at our barns all across the country.

Experience racing from the “other side” of the rail – from the inside, with all-access to everything that makes horse racing so exciting!

Can’t make it to the track to watch your horse run in person? We’ll shoot you a link to watch your horse run via the internet on live streaming TV!


You won’t go wrong investing in thoroughbreds with Top Hat.  They are always available to answer a question and treat my money as if it was theirs.

Dan G.

I was a little wary getting involved in the thoroughbred business but so far it’s been a blast.These guys know horses and make good decisions time after time.

Mark M.

It’s the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on!

Les S.

Top Hat Thoroughbreds is the best; informative and responsive!  Thanks guys.

Rhonda J.

I love their no maintenance fees after the initial investment program. You make your investment and that’s it.

Todd L.

No fuss. No muss.  I’ve invested with Top Hat several times, and as they say you don’t have to be right every time with your thoroughbred investment, you just have to be right more than you are not.  And these guys are.

Mike C.

It’s better (and a hell of a lot more fun) than investing in the stock market.

Babe K.

I have been involved with several thoroughbred ownership groups.  (I lost money in most of them due to cash calls for maintaining the horse and vet bills)  with these guys my costs are fixed, my risk is my initial investment and that’s it. Plus with all of the other groups getting information on the horses I was invested in was like pulling teeth.  Top Hat keeps me up to date on training; workouts races etc., I can go to the races as an VIP owner or if I can’t make it to the racetrack Top Hat sends me a link to watch the race live via the internet.

Chris H.

Most people in the horse industry think a computer is just an oversize paperweight.  Top Hat embraces technology.  I can keep up to date via text messaging, their website and the several social media outlets, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Peter C.

Top Hat knows horse talent.  They find opportunities and capitalize on them.

Larry M.

I used to bet on the horses, now I own them.  Much more profitable and a lot more fun!

Todd F.

There is nothing like the excitement of watching a horse you own take charge down the stretch to win going away.  Even when we don’t win Top Hat makes the experience a blast.

Wayne J.

Getting a chance to get your picture in the winners circle was a bucket list item for me.  Memories that I will cherish forever.  Thanks Top Hat and thanks for the winners circle photo!

Brett W.



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