Rolling Bobby 2019-05-19 Gulfstream Park R2
Top Hat Charmer 2019-0511-Lone Star R1 Winners Circle
If I Had A Nickel 20190511 Golden Gate R7 WinnersCircle
Top Hat Trick 20190510 Woodbine R5 Winners Circle
Top Hat Tizzy 20190428 Laurel Park R9 Winners Circle
Samadi Blue 20190427 Penn National R1 Winners Circle
Jack Mormon C2 20190423 Turf Paradise R7 WinnersCircle
Believe Indeed 20190413 Santa Anita R3 Winners Circle
Top Hat Tune 20190215_CharlesTown_R8_WinnersCircle
Sojourn 20190216_GoldenGate_R4_WinnersCircle
Oh Brother Jack 20190220_TurfParadise_R4_WinnersCircle
Racing For Chasen 20190220_TurfParadise_R6_WinnersCircle
Jack Mormon C2_20190225_TurfParadise_R6_WinnersCircle
Vista Creek 20190302_TurfParadise_R4_WinnersCircle
Late Caller 20190316_CharlesTown_R3_WinnersCircle
Top Hat Tizzy 20190317_LaurelPark_R7_WinnersCircle
Success Hurricane C2_20190227_CharlesTown_R3_WinnersCircle
Mucho Mas Grande 20190207_LaurelPark_R3_WinnersCircle
Sir Matador 20190210_Rillito_R5_WinnersCircle
Late Caller 20190117_CharlesTown_R6_WinnersCircle
Top Hat Darlin 20190124_CharlesTown_R6_WinnersCircle
Vista Creek 20190127_TurfParadise_R5_WinnersCircle
Late Caller 20181223_LaurelPark_R6_WinnersCircle
Mucho Mas Grande 20181223_LaurelPark_R6_WinnersCircle
Charis 20181018_FingerLakes_R2_WinnersCircle
All About That Ben 20180926_FingerLakes_R4_WinnersCircle
Jack Mormon C2_20180908_CanterburyPark_R2_WinnersCircle
Charis 20180926_FingerLakes_R5_WinnersCircle
Jack Mormon C2_20181020_TurfParadise_R5_WinnersCircle
Believe Indeed 20181025_SantaAnita_R1_WinnersCircle
Believe Indeed 20181025_SantaAnita_R1_Finish
Sir Matador 20181105_TurfParadise_R4_WinnersCircle
Believe Indeed 20181111_DelMar_R1_WinnersCircle
Believe Indeed 20181111_DelMar_R1_Finish
All About That Ben 20180913_FingerLakes_R2_WinnersCircle
Socially Driven 20180915_DelawarePark_R6_WinnersCircle
Sojourn 20180902_GoldenGate_R3_WinnersCircle
Success Hurricane 2018-08-16 Delaware Park R1
Oh Brother Jack 20180727_CanterburyPark_R3_WinnersCircle
All About That Ben 20180626_FingerLakes_R1_WinnersCircle
Oldtimers Vision 20180629_EmeraldDowns_R6_WinnersCircle
Oh Brother Jack 20180705_CanterburyPark_R4_WinnersCircle
Socially Driven 20180628_DelawarePark_R7_WinnersCircle
Top Hat Countess 20180314_CharlesTown_R3_WinnersCircle
Socially Driven 20180225_LaurelPark_R8_WinnersCircle
Tribal Money 20180317_TurfParadise_R2_WinnersCircle
Is It Gold 20180414_TurfParadise_R4_WinnersCircle
Top Hat City 20180311_GulfstreamPark_R6_WinnersCircle
Top Hat Countess 20180405_CharlesTown_R3_WinnersCircle
Charis 20180521_FingerLakes_R4_WinnersCircle
The Gold Monkey C2_20180525_EmeraldDowns_R5_WinnersCircle
Top Hat Tantrum 20180623_CanterburyPark_R2_WinnersCircle
Socially Driven 20180112_LaurelPark_R1_WinnersCircle
Top Hat Tango 20180127_CharlesTown_R8_WinnersCircle
Vista Creek 20180214_TurfParadise_R3_WinnersCircle
Vista Creek 20180128_TurfParadise_R4_WinnersCircle
Tribal Money 20171212_TurfParadise_R5_WinnersCircle
Vista Creek 20171213_TurfParadise_R4_WinnersCircle
Socially Driven 20171213_TampaBay_R6_WinnersCircle
Racing For Chasen 20180101_TurfParadise_R2_WinnersCircle
Charis 20170920_FingerLakes_R8_WinnersCircle
Top Hat Tizzy 20170922_LaurelPark_R8_WinnersCircle
Oh Brother Jack 20171016_TurfParadise_R6_WinnersCircle
Tribal Money 20171029_TurfParadise_R7_WinnersCircle
Double Naught Spy 20171028_LaurelPark_R6_WinnersCircle
Charis 20171010_FingerLakes_R5_WinnersCircle
Racing For Chasen 20171112_TurfParadise_R3_WinnersCircle
Double Naught Spy 20171112_LaurelPark_R3_WinnersCircle
Vista Creek 20171126_TurfParadise_R8_WinnersCircle
Jack Mormon 20170827_CanterburyPark_R4_WinnersCircle
All About That Ben 20170808_FingerLakes_R8_WinnersCircle
Top Hat City 20170806_LaurelPark_R3_WinnersCircle
Racing For Chasen 20170708_Arapahoe_R1_WinnersCircle
Socially Driven 20170804_LaurelPark_R5_WinnersCircle
Socially Driven 20170624_CharlesTown_R8_WinnersCircle
Spring Mtn Mist 20170708_DelawarePark_R4_WinnersCircle
King Reza C2_20170604_Arapahoe_R6_WinnersCircle
Charis 20170528_PrairieMeadows_R6_WinnersCircle
Racing For Chasen 20170305_Rillito_R7_WinnersCircle
My Charming Clyde 20170309_PennNational_R7_WinnersCircle
Ifrit 20170311_PennNational_R5_WinnersCircle
Zipline 20170311_PennNational_R2_WinnersCircle
Parlay Ponti 20170327_TurfParadise_R4_WinnersCircle_75
Parlay Ponti 20170415_TurfParadise_R7_WinnersCircle
Sir Hannoun 20170412_GulfstreamPark_R1_WinnersCircle
Sir Hannoun 20170519_GulfstreamPark_R1_WinnersCircle
Parlay Ponti 20170304_TurfParadise_R7_WinnersCircle
Se Fue 20170304_TurfParadise_R1_WinnersCircle
Warriors Dance 20170215_PennNational_R4_WinnersCircle
Warriors Dance 20170215_PennNational_R4_WinnersCircle
Kalkan Kaye 20170304_TurfParadise_R2_WinnersCircle
Kalkan Kaye 20170304_TurfParadise_R2_WinnersCircle
Flash Jak 20170219_GulfstreamPark_R4_WinnersCircle
Perfect Set 20170220_TurfParadise_R5_WinnersCircle
The Forgotten One 20161116_CharlesTownRaces_R2_WinnersCircle
Zipline 20170126_PennNational_R4_WinnersCircle
Meaningless Banter 20161205_TurfParadise_R4_WinnersCircle
spring mtn mist 4-24-16
rise to the top 2-5-16
redneck attack 12-04-16
meaningless banter 12-5-16
hy land warrior 6-26-2016
hy land warrior 4-30-16
chaotic bull 05-27-16
ifrit 04-01-16
spring mtn mist 11-11-16
redneck attack 09-09-16
stars collide 02-14-16
top hat wildcat 08-27-16
megatrez 03-11-16
kitty blonde
redneck attack
top hat zipline
spring mtn mist 04-24-16
my charming clyde 8-29-16
my charming clyde
gucchi gold
guichi gold
it’s a bang
it’s a bang
My Charming Clyde DOC521
It’s A Bang DOC519
Guchi Gold DOC522
Guchi Gold DOC517
Top Hat Trick Winners Circle Photo
Jacobs Flyer July 13, 2009
Vista Creek June 29 2019
Rolling Bobby August 15, 2019
Top Hat Voyager Winners Circle June 13 2019
Sunny Spot Golden Gate Fields 8-31-19
Sunny Spot 2 Golden Gate Fields 8-31-19
This Cat Can Fly, September 9, 2019
This Cat Can Fly August 9, 2019
Top Hat Voyager August 24, 2019
Top Hat Tizzy October 1 2019
Top Hat Voyager August 24, 2019 #2
Sunny Spot November 24, 2019
Top Hat Tizzy October 22, 2019
Top Hat Invasion November 17, 2019
Courting Jenny December 6 2019
Top Hat High Jinks December 21, 2019
Krammy Boy December 12, 2019
Late Caller January, 9 2020
Courting Jenny February 1, 2020
Spider Rico February 16 2020
Krammy Boy March 7, 2020 With Logo.jpg
Top Hat High Jinks April 10, 2020
Spider Rico June 26, 2020
Sunny Spot June 27, 2020
Sunny Spot June 27, 2020
Top Hat Charmer June 15, 2020
Top Hat Scrutiny June 26, 2020
Believe Indeed July 25, 2020
Top Hat Titan August 1, 2020
Soul Beam July 7, 2020
Ekati Wildcat – August 17, 2020
Mucho Mas Grande August 31, 2020
Krammy Boy September 5 2020
Mucho Mas Grande August 10, 2020
Top Hat Titan – September 21 2020
This Cat Can Fly – September 8 2020
This Cat Can Fly – October 14 2020
Studly Perfection 03-14-21
Courting Jenny 1-20-21
Muco Mas Grande – March 3, 2021
Kyles Bro Jimmy February 5, 2021
Dianna’s Jet, 3-17-21
Stars of Blue Grass 7/30/21
Stars of Bluegrass 6-12-21
This Can Can Fly August 23, 2021
This Cat Can Fly 05-24-21
Stars of Bluegrass 12-22-21
KylesBroJimmy 07-27-21
StarsOfBluegrass 11-20-22